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Enabling the Outlook Add-In

The Outlook Add-in allows your users to send secure Transit messages and large files directly from Outlook. It is up to you as an administrator of Transit to decide  if you want to enable the Outlook Add-in for your users.

Once enabled you will be able to download the Add-in installer right from the Admin pages within the app. You also have the option of allowing your users to install the Add-in themselves directly from their preferences.


Enabling the Outlook Add-in
To enable the Outlook Add-in select Admin from the left menu, then Outlook Add-in from System Settings and select Enable Outlook Add-in.












Policies allow you to set criteria that if met, will cause a regular email to be automatically sent through Transit instead of as a normal email.
The user has to have the Outlook Add-in installed for Policies to work.

Subject Keywords
Automatically send through Transit if any part of the subject matches a word or phrase listed. Enter keywords or phrases to match one per line.

Total Attachment Size
Set a value in kilobytes. If the total size of attachments matches or exceeds this value the message will be sent through Transit.

Attachment Name Patterns
Add a comma separated list of file name patterns to match. If any one attachment matches this pattern the message will be sent through Transit. Wildcard characters are supported.

Allow Users to Download and Install Add-In from their preferences.
Enabling this option adds an entry for the Outlook Add-in to each user's preferences, allowing them to download and install the add-in themselves.

Installer Files (Version 1.0.0007)

Biscom Transit Outlook Add-in 32-bit.exe

Biscom Transit Outlook Add-in 64-bit.exe

Getting Started with the Transit Outlook Add.docx

Installing the Transit Outlook Add.docx



This is required for the add-in to operate correctly. Normally you will not need to change this. Only change this value working in conjunction with Biscom Transit Technical Support.

Server email address

enabling outlook add-in.PNG
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server email address.PNG

Outlook with the Add-In is shown in the menu below.

outlook add in screen.png
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