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Welcome to
Biscom Transit

We are excited to offer our secure technology to your organization. 

Biscom is a global leader in secure document delivery

and fax communication for regulated industries.

Transit is our solution for anyone who needs to send and receive

sensitive information.

Getting Started

Transit is a tool to make it easy for users to share important information simply and securely. Transit supports the secure exchange of information in two main ways – secure messaging and folder sharing.


Secure messaging is similar to email but with a couple of important advantages in that it is more secure than email and that it can handle attachments much larger than email. Recipients can respond back to secure messages and even upload files back to the sender. It is useful for quick sharing, or working on a project where back and forth communication is a key part of the process.


Folder sharing is where you create a shared folder and add users to that folder where they can access the files in that folder and upload new files if allowed. Folder sharing is useful for long term collaboration projects or information that is meant to be permanently accessible. Folders are also useful when files need to be organized into sub-folders.


Click on the links in the left menu. As you explore the many capabilities of BISCOM Transit, you will notice that these menu topics apply to different roles; Administrative and General Users.

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