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Using the Outlook Add-In

The Transit Outlook Add-in Ribbon
Once the Transit Outlook Add-in is installed you will see the following additions to your Outlook ribbon:

Sending a Secure Message

The easiest way to send a secure message with Transit is to click on the Send Secure button. This will automatically create a new message that will automatically be sent through Transit.

Simply write the body of the email as you normally would and attach any files you want to deliver and click ‘Send’ just like any other email. The email you compose and any attachments will be automatically uploaded to the Transit server securely and not sent as a normal, insecure email message.

Your recipient will receive a notification that they have received a secure message with a link to access your message. They will need to log in to the server and view the content of your message over a secure channel.

Attaching Large Files

You can send files using the Transit Outlook Add-in even if those files are to big for email. Once you are in a new message your ribbon will have some additional buttons as seen below:


If you attach files using the new Biscom Attach File button (with the red ‘B’) to the right in the Secure Options section you can add files too big for email. Have a 1.5GB file you need to send securely? No problem – just use the Biscom Attach File button.

You can use the Biscom Attach File button in any email even if you didn’t launch that email using the Send Secure button in Outlook. Any time you use Biscom Attach File your email will automatically be converted to a secure Transit delivery instead of sent as a normal email.

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